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Park Smart Rewards

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Easy to Join & Use
Connect a credit or debit card to your Park Smart Rewards Account and you'll start enjoying benefits immediately. Every time you spend $250 using an enrolled card - whether it's from a single purchase or from several smaller ones - you earn $25 in Rewards Cash.

Earn Cash Back Rewards
Once earned. $25 in Rewards Cash will be added to your rewards account. You can then apply your Rewards Cash toward select offer. Redeem your offer on your next qualifying purchase at the place you select and the amount will be credited back on your enrolled card.

Simple, Private Redemption
Accounts are tracked online, so you wont see any discounts on your receipts or deductions from your bill. Credits on reward offer redemptions are posted to your card account after a few days. You're able to check progress toward your goal at anytime by logging into your account.

To Obtain the Discount at Garage B and Lot E
Please click on the reusable coupon feature to the right. This coupon will only need to be download once and can be used for each visit to the airport upon exit.

Coupon Special

$12 per day* / $60 per week*, reusable

in Lot E - Long Term Express Parking

*pricing subject to change

Coupon Special

$16 per day*, reusable

in Garage B - Daily Parking

*pricing subject to change