icon-small-blue-arrow  PLENTY of PARKING. No reservations required for any parking facilities.

icon-small-blue-arrow  Low daily and weekly rates. All taxes and fees included.

icon-small-green-arrow  Shuttle Bus Service. The free bumper-to-bumper Shuttle Bus runs 24-hours, 7-days per week, all year long. The Shuttle is ADA Accessible and runs between Lot E and the Terminal at PVD Airport.

icon-small-blue-arrow  Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are located in Garage A, Level 2 and Lot D, under the Skywalk. There are two (2) stations available at each location.

icon-small-orange-arrow  Cell Phone Lot. Located on airport property at 2282 Post Rd., the Cell Phone Waiting Lot provides 50 parking spaces for drivers picking-up passengers at PVD Airport.

icon-small-blue-arrow  SP+ offers additional services for those just-in-case moments, all at no-cost!
               • Jump Starts
               • Tire Inflation
               • Lock-Out Assistance
               • Vehicle Location Assistance
Don’t worry. We can help. Just see any of our helpful staff for assistance.

icon-small-blue-arrow  Garage B & Lot E coupons must be presented to the cashier upon exit. Coupons can be printed and surrendered or displayed on a cell phone or tablet. The coupon number must be readable by the attendant to be accepted.